Mighty Bracket


Mighty Bracket™ mini-split installation support tool

The Mighty Bracket™ clips to the mounting plate of most mini-split brands in order to hold unit securely in place during installation – without damaging walls.


Mini-split installation is now a single person job

Hook the Mighty Bracket™ onto a mini-split mountain plate, to hold unit in place during installation of refrigerant, condensate lines and electrical hook up.

Attach the mounting hooks (1) of the Mighty Bracket™ to the mini-split mounting plate. If no anchor points are present, the Mighty Bracket™ can be attached by screws directly to the wall.

Place the foot supports (2) flat against the wall. If you wish to avoid potential wall scuffing, place a clean towel or piece of cardboard between the support foot and the wall surface.

Position level adjustment pins (3) to make the support arms horizontal.

Left the gates (4) at the end of the support arms to make sure the unit cannot slide off.

Place the protective sleeve socks (5) over the gates to avoid scratching the unit.

Set unit securely on top of the support arms (6).

Connect the refrigerant lines, condensate drain piping and electrical wiring. Attach the indoor unit to the mounting plate and remove the Mighty Bracket™. The installation is complete.




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Product CodeDescriptionQuanity
S080232Might Bracket1 unit